NightBlue & Everest Academy Announce A CHRISTMAS CAROL: SCROOGE & MARLEY

Famous the world over, the often bizarre and ultimately heart-warming story of Scrooge, Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim and the others needs no detailing here. Mr. Horovitz’s adaptation follows the Dickens original scrupulously but, in bringing it to life on the stage, adds elements of inventiveness and brilliant theatricality that enhance and strengthen its timeless virtues. The end result is a theatre piece of unique eloquence, which will delight audiences of all ages, and draw forth the best efforts of all engaged in its presentation.

Commissioned by Center Stage, in Baltimore, Maryland, and produced there with great critical and popular success. An ingenious and theatrically dazzling new adaptation of this great classic by one of our theatre’s most inventive and respected playwrights.

  • “Horovitz’s particular talent seems to lie in maintaining remarkable fidelity to the artist whose work he adapts, losing none of the original flavor which marked their greatness. At the same time, he enlivens the work, enhancing its presentation to a modern American theatre audience in a most sublime manner.” ~Catholic Review
  • “Children will find it engrossing, but their parents will love it.” ~Baltimore Sun
  • “a glorious success.” ~Baltimore News American

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Christmas Carolers – Kristina Caputo, Jaime McGuffage, Brian Brady, David Knezz
Jacob Marley – Ian Rigg
Ebenezer Scrooge – Tim Casey
Bob Cratchit – Brian Rigg
Fred, the Nephew – Bob Beland
1st Do Gooder – Jim Kearney
2nd Do Gooder – Jim Seeberg
Carolers long past – Brian Brady and David Knezz
The Schoolmaster – Jim Kearney
Mr. Fezziwig – Jim Seeberg
Mrs. Fezziwig – Jan Hood
The Ghost of Christmas Present – Tony Levine
Man #1 – Scott Hayes
Man #2 – Jim Kearney
Mrs. Cratchit – Eileen Casey
Fred’s Wife – Cait Gurnea
The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, the Phantom – David Knezz
First Businessman – Dennis Dawe
Second Businessman – Brian Brady
Third Businessman – Jim Kearney
Charwoman – Sara Martin
Old Joe – Jim Seeberg
Mrs Dilber – Jan Hood
The Undertaker – Scott Hayes
The Poultry Man – Scott Hayes
Caroling Child – Sophia Olivares
Mary – Caylee Hamilton
Henry – Mark Henze
Ghost of Christmas Past – Eliana Scoville
Schoolboy Scrooge – Owen Brady
Fan – Bianca Perez
Teenage Ebenezer Scrooge – Jonathan Henze
Dick Wilkins – Joey Martin
Isabella Fezziwig – Mae Connelly
Catherine Fezziwig – Cora Schaum
Teenage Belle – Rachel Yep
Edward Fezziwig – Keiren Hamilton
Young Adult Belle – Fiona Connelly
Young Adult Scrooge – Nathan Yep
Peter Cratchit – Riley Stone
Belinda Cratchit – Isabella Olivares
Martha Cratchit – Lauren Magdziarz
Tiny Tim Cratchit – Sam Scoville
Adam – Luke Brady
Elizabeth – Kami Klein
Robert – Joey Martin
Tim Casey as Ebenezer Scrooge
Ian Rigg as Jacob Marley

Directed by Cassie Dawe