Our four core values

We seek the deeper dig into what makes performance really moving: the preparation, the application of our craft, the elevation of talented people.

  • Depth

    The script is not the play.

    NightBlue approaches every performance after a deep dive into the truths beneath mere words on the page, whether we explore the serious human issues that underlie a comedy, or the tragic dimensions of such difficult subjects as death, divorce, or the fall of Saigon. Our preparation never stops at the superficial.

  • Empowerment

    In almost every performance in our history, we have featured lead actors, directors and cast members who are emerging into well-deserved professional recognition. Double casting? We celebrate it!

  • Honesty

    Naked emotion can be untamed, uncontrolled energy. Or it can be channeled into unforgettable audience experiences. NightBlue is more than up to the challenge. We celebrate the deep exploration of the edge where / meets fear.

  • Diversity

    For ten years, NightBlue has created a bigger and bigger tent: featuring the work of children, teens, adults and seniors of all backgrounds and ethnicities. For the next 10 years, expect us to continue to move the boundaries outward.

NightBlue isn’t a name. It’s a concept. We use innovation, intensity and immersion as the building blocks of a deep and diverse environment where vivid performance and honest exploration of craft is deeply valued by all patrons and participants.

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Support our core values Support NightBlue

Support our core valuesSupport NightBlue