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 "Murder in the first degree...premeditated the most serious charge tried in our criminal courts.  You have heard a long and complex case, gentlemen, and it is now your duty to sit down to try and seperate the facts from the fancy.  One man is dead.  The life of another is at stake.  If there is reasonable doubt in your minds as to the guillt of the accused--then you must declare him not guilty.  If--however--there is no reasonable doubt, then he must be found guilty.  Whichever way you decide, the verdict must be unanimous.  I urge you to deliberate honestly and thoughtfully.  You are faced with a grave responsibility.  Thank you, gentlemen." -- Judge
Join NightBlue Performing Arts Company this spring as it takes on the blistering debate and delves into the characters that make 12 ANGRY MEN so compelling generation after generation.
Friday, April 11th & 18th 8pm
Saturday April 12th & 19th 3pm & 8pm
Sunday April 13th 7pm
Sunday April 20th 3pm
The Sabre Room
8900 W. 95th St.
Hickory Hills, IL
(708) 598-1200
Tom Pleviak
Sean Janda
Juror #2
Tom Viskocil
Juror #3
Chris Forner
Juror #4
Eric Hawrysz
Juror #5
Keith Rumbaugh
Juror #6
Ed Modesto
Juror #7
Shelley Crawford 
Juror #8
Bob Fox
Juror #9
Pasquale di Diana
Juror #10
Mark Martell
Juror #11
Erik Labanauskas
Juror #12
Chris Weise
David E. Walters
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