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Seussical the Musical Jr.

Artists in Partnership
APRIL 2018
Everest Academy

“Oh, the thinks you can think” when Dr. Seuss’ best-loved characters collide and cavort in an unforgettable musical caper!

About the production

Based on the works of Dr. Seuss
Music by: Stephen Flaherty
Lyrics by: Lynn Ahrens
Book by: Lynn Ahrens & Stephen Flaherty
Co-conceived by Eric Idle


Friday April 20 at 7:30 PM
Saturday April 21 at 2:00 PM & 7:30 PM
Sunday April 22 at 1:00 PM

Who’s who in the cast

(Mayzie La Bird) is in 5th grade at Everest Academy. Claire’s stage debut was at the young age of 6 whenshe was cast as Flounder in the Disney Jr. production of The Little Mermaid with the Little Mountain Theatre Company. She has since performed for the same production company in Disney Jr. Aladdin, as The Magic Carpet and as orphan Tessie in Annie. She has also performed with the Homer/Lockport Youth Theatre in Seussical Jr. as a Jungle Citizen, as well at The Wonderful World of Disney in the ensemble cast. Claire has performed with NightBlue at Everest Academy in Shrek Jr., as a knight and a narrator in Where the Wild Things Are. She is also a competitive gymnast for the GymKinetics Xcel Silver team, where she loves to perform as well. She would like to thank her mom, her dad, her brothers and the awesome cast members for helping her through this big role as Amazing Mayzie! And thank you to NightBlue crew members and directors for making this such a fun experience!
(Who). This is Elizabeth’s second time being part of a play. She was a Narrator in Peter Pan Jr last year. She loves to read, ride horses, rollerblade and basketball. Elizabeth would like to thank her parents, Everest Academy for offering theater, her friends who make it fun and the play instructors.
(The Grinch). This is Tristan’s second show at Everest Academy. He has been the Big Bad Wolf and Chief Tiger Bamboo. He likes to listen to music and play soccer. Tristan would like to thank his Mom and Dad for letting him do this play.
(Who) was Narrator #3 in Too Much Noise, and an Indian in Peter Pan Jr. Genevieve likes to play the piano, rollerblade, read and see friends. Thank you Mom, Dad and Isabella.
(Stage Manager) Seussical JR is the 3rd Night Blue production Isabella has worked stage crew. Isabella is excited to be sharing in this performance with some of her fellow 8th grade classmates. She is looking forward to graduation and the new experiences HS will bring. When Isabella isn’t playing volleyball, she can be found reading or
(Horton the Elephant) is happy to say this is his 8th school performance and his fourth play with NightBlue. Main roles have been Smee in Peter Pan and Young Simba in The Lion King. Keiren is an avid reader who loves to play volleyball and basketball, play board games, and sing. Keiren sings soprano in the school choir and in the choir at St. Alphonsus. Keiren would also like to thank his parents, who encouraged him to be part of this musical, and who have driven him to practice. He would like to thank the directors for helping him with lines, singing, and choreography. And he would definitely like to thank his whole family for their support.
(Wickersham brother) is proud to be in her fourth production with NightBlue. Caylee played a fairy in Peter Pan, Jr., Peter Pan in Shrek, Jr., and ensemble in The Lion King, Jr. She also performed in Beauty and the Beast, Jr, Wizard of Oz, and Blame it on the Wolf. Caylee loves to play basketball and volleyball, read (KOTLC), ride her bike, make origami, and write stories. Mom and dad, the love for you is bigger than a breadbox and wider than a whale… and to the directors, thank you for leading her on an adventure down a dangerous trail!
(Thing 1/Who) is excited to be in their fourth production with NightBlue. Kolbe has been in the ensemble for Peter Pan, Jr., Shrek, Jr. and The Lion King, Jr. Kolbe was also the farmer in Too Much Noise. Kolbe loves to read, ride their bike, make and fly paper airplanes and play basketball. Kolbe would like to thank mom and dad and the directors for all their help and support.
(Who) is happy to be in their third NightBlue musical. Clare has been in the ensemble for Peter Pan, Jr and Shrek, Jr. Clare also played a dog in Too Much Noise and a wild thing in Where the Wild Things Are. Clare likes to read, ride their bike, swim, sing, dance, cartwheel, play hockey and soccer, color and draw, and go to school. Clare would like to thank their family, friends, and directors for their loving support. ìI love you!
(Cat in the Hat) has been in every NightBlue production at Everest. He loves theatre, and performing. Jonathan has played ensemble in Lion King, Lord Farquaad in Shrek, John in Peter Pan, and can’t wait to be the Cat in the Hat this year. Jonathan loves to play baseball, basketball, football, volleyball, and golf whenever he can. Jonathan would like to thank his family, the directors of the show, and everyone who helped make this show so amazing.
(Mrs. Mayor) has performed in two other plays through NightBlue at Everest Academy, The Lion King Jr. and Shrek Jr. Abigail was also in Annie and Minions at Allegro Music and Dance Academy. Abagail is an avid reader who also loves to play the violin, play basketball, study Tae Kwon Do, and sing and dance. Abigail would like to thank her sister, Emily, for practicing lines and songs and her mom and dad for driving her back and forth to rehearsals every week.
(Who) was Arista the mermaid in Peter Pan, and part of the ensemble in Shrek and Lion King. Lucia has been in numerous plays through Allegro. This is Lucia’s 4th NightBlue show. Lucia likes horseback riding, painting, and dance. Thanks to mom, dad, Babi, Dziadziu,
(Bird Girl) has previously performed on the Everest stage as TinkerBell in Peter Pan Jr., Gingy in Shrek Jr., & Timon in The Lion King Jr. She has also enjoyed performing with Little Mountain Community Theatre at Lemont H.S. in the ensemble of Little Mermaid and Fiddler on the Roof. When Lauren’s not on stage she enjoys playing basketball, reading, singing, playing piano, watching her favorite YouTube channel, & helping younger children. Lauren would like to thank her parents, siblings, & her entire family for always encouraging her and coming to see her perform. She’d also like to thank NightBlue for once again giving her an opportunity to do what she loves and enjoy it with her Everest friends.
(Who) was in Too Much Noise, as a Dog & Peter Pan Jr., as an Indian. Megan loves school, and also loves to dance, sing, do gymnastics and play with friends and/or cousins. “ìMy family – thank you!”
(Baby Kangaroo). This is Fabiana’s first play at Everest. Fabiana also took Stage of Stars at our school and really liked it. Fabiana likes to read, but most of all loves to sing, dance and draw. Fabiana really enjoys playing Soccer. Thanks to Momma and Daddy Joe for giving the opportunity to come to a wonderful school like Everest. Fabiana wants to thank her momma for being the best momma ever, if it weren’t for her Fabiana wouldn’t be able to do all she is able to do.
(Yertle the Turtle, Jungle Citizen) This is Mary’s 4th show at Everest. She loves being a part of NightBlue productions. Mary has also been in Musical Theater with the Park District and has performed in numerous voice recitals. Her passion is singing, and she also loves acting, dancing, swimming and reading. Mary would like to thank the NightBlue staff and her family for all of their help and support.
(Wickersham Brother) Isabella participated in two NightBlue productions in 2017. She was a Lost Boy in Peter Pan Jr. and Belinda Cratchet in A Christmas Carol. Isabella has enjoyed each experience and hopes to continue participating in future productions. Isabella likes to sing, swim and play basketball. To relax she loves to read mystery novels. Isabella would like to thank God, her parents, her brother AJ, her sister Sophia, her grandparents and all her friends who came to see the play and to those that performed with her.
(Bird Girl) Sophia played Tiger Lily in Peter Pan Jr and a Caroling Child in A Christmas Carol in 2017. She enjoyed having a singing role. Sophia hopes to participate in future NightBlue productions at Everest Academy. Sophia loves to play baskeball, swim and sing. In her free time Sophia likes to draw and read fantasy stories. Sophia would like to thank God, her parents, her brother AJ, her sister Isabella, her grandparents and all her friends who came to see the play and those that performed with her.
(Bird Girl) This is Bianca’s third play at Everest. She has been in Shrek, Peter Pan, and now Seussical the Musical. Bianca loves to read, play basketball, volleyball, and gymnastics. She also enjoy to sing and act. Bianca thanks her parents who payed and drove her to practices, and Ms. Julie and Ms. Anne for helping with lines and songs.
(Wickersham Brother) This is Gia’s second role in an Everest production. She appeared in Peter Pan last year as a mermaid. In her spare time, Gia enjoys playing basketball, swimming, cooking, and spending time with her friends and family. Gia would like to thank her mom and dad, and her sisters and brother. She is also thankful for the cast and producers that she is given this opportunity.
(Jungle Citizen). This is Kathryn’s second performance in a play at Everest. She was a flying monkey and narrator in the Wizard of Oz in 3rd grade. Kathryn loves to play sports, read, and spend time with her family and friends. She plays basketball and volleyball. Thank you to her parents and fellow cast members for their help and support. She’s had a great time working on this play.
(Jojo) has been in the last three plays here at Everest. Starting with the Lion King, Shrek and Peter Pan. Sarah loves to sing, dance, play the piano and all types of arts and crafts. Sarah would like to thank her mom and dad for sending her to such a wonderful school. She would especially like to thank her mom for driving her back and forth to all the practices and to school everyday. Thanks to both parents for helping memorize lines. Also a big thank you to her bother and grandparents for all their support.
(The Mayor). This is Antonio’s second year participating in the Everest Academy NightBlue theatre program. Last year he played Skullzy the pirate in Peter Pan and the Wiseman in Too Much Noise. Antonio really enjoys spending time with his friends and playing basketball and hockey. Antonio would like to thank his parents for encouraging him and believing in him and wants to thank the entire Seussical the Musical staff for their hard work and dedication to this program and for making it such a wonderful experience.
(Thing 2). This is Santino’s second year participating in the Everest Academy NightBlue Theatre program. Last year he played Bonezy, one of the pirates in Peter Pan and was also a cow in Too Much Noise. He is really excited to make his First Holy Communion this year. Santino’s favorite sport is basketball. He wants to thank his family for everything they do for him and a big thank you to all of the staff of Seussical the Musical for making theatre so much fun!
(Who) is a free-spirted and adventurous 8-year-old girl in second grade. She loves playing tag, freeze tag, hide and seek, and playing with her classmates. Jillian loves theater! She is exicted to be in Seussical because she is a HUGE Dr. Seuss fan! This is her third NightBlue production. She was also in Shrek Jr. and Peter Pan Jr. In addition to theater, she loves dance, gymnastics, engineering and piano. Jillian can do awesome cartwheels, round-offs and handstands.
(Bird Girl) has been acting for a long time, and this is her third play at Everest. She likes to fence and read. She would like to thank her family, the directors, and the other cast members.
(Gertrude McFuzz). This is Cora’s fourth NightBlue performance. Cora played Teen Fiona in Shrek Jr., Peter Pan in Peter Pan Jr. and Catherine Fezziwig in Scrooge and Marley. Cora was also the narrator in Jungle Book Jr. through LittleMountain Community Theatre. Cora loves to sing, play basketball, read and also likes to spend time with family and have family movie nights.
(Who). This is Jackson’s third theatrical show with NightBlue. He was in the ensemble for Peter Pan Jr. and also played Young Scrooge in Scrooge and Marley.
(Sour Kangaroo). This is Eliana’s third show at Everest. Eliana was the Ghost of Christmas Past in Scrooge and Marley, A Christmas Carol and a silly girl in Beauty and the Beast. She has also performed in Annie as Duffy, in Oklahoma as a dancer/ensemble, in The Little Mermaid as ensemble, and in Aladdin as a narrator/ensemble. Eliana likes playing volleyball and singing. She would like to thank Mom and Dad and siblings, Talia and Sam.
(Wickersham Brother) This is Talia’s first show at Everest, but has performed at Little Mountain Theater in their summer camp productions of, Annie, Aladdin and The Little Mermaid. Last summer Talia made her debut at the Oak Lawn Theater in Oklahoma! Talia loves to play piano, draw, play basketball, build things, and dance; “I am interesting because I’m smart and funny and do things MY way!” Talia would like to thank their Parents, Nana and Papa, brother, Sam, sister, Eliana, and Mr. Franklin. Talia loves all of these people and thinks of them every time she is on stage. “I love them more than there are stars in the sky and sand on the seashore.”
(Vlad Vladikoff) has performed in the Little Mountain Theater summer camp productions of Aladdin and Annie. Last December he performed with NightBlue in their production of Scrooge and Marley, A Christmas Carol as Tiny Tim. Sam like lacrosse, soccer, basketball, reading and making up his own games. “I am interesting because I have an imagination that is quite unique.” Sam would like to thank Mom and Dad, sisters, Talia and Eliana, and Miss Cassie for encouraging him to perform (and not mess around!).
(Who) Valentina was last in Peter Pan. She loves playing sports (soccer in particular) & gymnastics. Valentina learned how to ski this year and also likes to make art. She would like to thank Mom, Dad, Augustyn, Rosie, and John Paul. Also aunt Annette for driving Valentina to play practice!
(Jungle Citizen) is in 7th grade at Everest Academy. Cecilia has been in several Everest academy school programs. This is her third NightBlue performance. Cecilia is very joyful and likes to stay active. She is in basketball and volleyball. She also enjoys hanging out with her friends, swimming, skiing, and hiking. Cecilia’s favorite movie as a child was Shrek. Her favorite current movie is The Greatest Showman. Cecilia would like to thank her parents for their support and encouragement.
(Who) is in 5th grade at Everest Academy. Daniel has been in several Everest programs. This is Daniel’s 3rd production with NightBlue. Daniel loves to perform and is in basketball, volleyball, and is a part of the Knights of the Altar program at school. He also enjoys horseback riding, swimming, gymnastics, skiing, and hiking. Daniel’s favorite current movie is The Greatest Showman. Daniel would like to thank his parents for their support and encouragement.
(Who) is in third grade at Everest Academy. This is her first performance with NightBlue. Luciana loves to dance and sing. She enjoys swimming and playing outside with her friends. Her favorite current movie is Coco. Luciana would like to thank her parents for their support and encouragement.
(Who). This is Therese’s first play. She is very excited to be part of this program. Therese loves to read and listen to music. Therese enjoys playing sports and hanging with friends. Therese wants to thank her parents for driving to all of her rehearsals. And also wants to thank everyone who made this play happen. And lastly, wants to thank her sister and brother for inspiring her to do the play.
(Bird Girl). This is Rachel’s second year performing in the school play. Rachel was in Peter Pan last year as a Fairy. Rachel loves acting, reading, doing creative things and playing sports. She wants to thank her parents for driving her to rehearsals and paying for the tuition. Rachel also wants to thank her brother for being the one who pushed her to try out for the play.
(Who) is in 1st grade and so excited to be performing in Seussical for the 2nd time! He was originally cast as the baby elephant bird when he was 6 months old and his older brother Jack, was Horton! Billy loves performing with all his friends at Everest and would like to thank everyone at NightBlue for their time and dedication to this program! Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!