Speak Up

A festival of play readings, open mics, solo performances, poetry, short stories, musical set and more!
FEB 2017


should be sent directly to David Walters at or fill out the form to your right

NightBlue Performing Arts in Chicago has decided to coordinate a small festival at Stage 773 called “Speak Up” from mid-February to mid-March of this year. It is an effort to help give voice to new work of all kinds especially those works that are showcase diversity, celebrate women and empower stories of people who have been victimized by society. We are going to provide the premier space at Stage 773 for 6 weeks and look to host play readings, open mics, solo performances, poetry, short stories, and musical sets. Comedy sketches, and pieces that carry a tangential message or indirect message are also appropriate. Messages about perserverance, triumph of adversity and general empowerment are also relevant.

Give a voice to your work and your message for change in our time. Many have been silent for too long or are afraid to speak. Bring your voice to the stage and Speak Up! through your work.

We will provide the lighting and sound and space at no cost to the artists, and we will schedule pieces that are organized and ready for an audience. NightBlue will charge a ticket price to cover some of the cost of its outlay, and will split any profit made between you and donations to appropriate charities.
Please get the word out and get back to us asap if you or someone you know have a piece that might be a great fit for this showcase event.
Additionally, if you know someone that would like to donate time to the event, either helping with tech, house managing, or providing some awareness info about some of the charities and support organizations that we will feature at the event, please let me know ( ). We appreciate all efforts to make this a successful event.