The movie theater

Art is the reproduction by the hand of man or the representation of what is in nature.  It is the act of representing objects, through painting, sculpture, engraving.  Thus, the cinema is perceived as an art.  Let's learn a bit about the latter.

What is cinema?

The movie theater?  Cinema is a performing art.  It is often referred to in French as the "seventh art".  The art of cinematography is characterized by the performance offered to an audience in the form of a film, that is, a narrative which can be fictional or documentary.  This story is conveyed by a medium consisting of flexible film, magnetic tape, and a digital container and is recorded and then read by a continuous or intermittent mechanism that creates the illusion of moving images, or by recording and recording.  non-discrete reading of computer data.

The broadcast of the recorded show to the public is done through illumination through the medium, the passage of light through a set of mirrors and / or optical lenses;  and the projection of this light beam onto a transparent or opaque screen.  Cinema is, in the original and limiting sense, the public screening of a film on a device in a theater or in the open air.

Cinema function

The function of the cinema is to choose the movements, to put them in order to make the image an object that can be exchanged, a production.  Cinema is the writing of actor movements, moving objects appearing in the film, lights, framing, focal length and editing.

For several years, filmmakers have understood that the projected show must be accompanied by music that builds the mood of the story, or underlines each action represented.

From its invention, cinema has become both an art that impresses the people, an entertainment, an industry and also a medium.  It is also used for advertising, propaganda, educational or scientific research purposes or for artistic practice.

Cinema is a performing art that performs several functions in the life of a human being and his community.

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