Video surveillance

Surveillance cameras are a valuable asset in the fight against theft and vandalism.  They contribute, thanks to its capacity to take images, to a good decision-making on the evildoers.  Let's talk about video surveillance.

What is video surveillance?

Video surveillance ?  It is remote surveillance, by interposed camera.  Video surveillance is thus a system of cameras and image transmission, placed in a public or private space for remote monitoring.

This is a type of remote monitoring.  Several images obtained with this system.  These images can be automatically processed and viewed for archiving or destruction.

Advantages and disadvantages of video surveillance

Surveillance cameras have a deterrent effect on criminals.  They help identify those responsible for a crime or an accident.  Thus, the presence of security cameras has a deterrent effect on thieves and vandals

Video surveillance allows you to have your eyes everywhere.  It can allow you to monitor your entire business while being on site.  It allows you to make clear decisions on your site.

Video surveillance provides evidence of criminality or responsibility.  Surveillance cameras are capable of providing images of crimes committed.  As well as accidents happening.

They are an extraordinary tool to help identify, apprehend and convict those guilty of criminal acts, prevent further crimes and recover, if possible, stolen property.

Video surveillance does not only have advantages.  But it also has limits.  Indeed, a simple power failure can terminate the monitoring.  If you opt for video surveillance, you could end up unattended in the event of a breakdown.

It would be better to invest in an emergency device such as wireless cameras running on battery or solar panel to ensure uninterrupted protection.

Video surveillance does not stop the most daring criminals.  Some clever and determined criminals manage to deactivate and thwart the surveillance mechanisms.  Others steal video recordings on construction sites.  They can cover cameras or lenses to prevent images from being taken.

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