The video

Nowadays, video is the medium favored by medium and large companies in vocational training.  It is used As a support which, more than any other means, offers more attractiveness.  It is a medium that also makes it possible to meet the needs and expectations of employees.  What are the advantages of video?

What is the video?

Video is the recording and transmission of images and sounds.  It is an audiovisual technique which makes it possible to record on a magnetic medium the image and the sound, and to reproduce this recording on screen.

It brings together all the techniques that promote the constitution of an electrical signal which allows moving images and their reproduction.  This word “video” comes from the Latin “video”, which means: “I see”.

The advantages of video

Video has several advantages.  Indeed, the video is a poly message.  Video adapts very easily to many types of messages.  Thus, it adapts to various training formats.

The video is attractive.  It is the powerful medium for distance education.  It facilitates memorization and assimilation.  Experience has shown that people remember what they see and hear more.  Learning by video allows a better assimilation and understanding of information.

It also promotes independent learning.  Video training allows you to train at the desired pace.  The video also makes it possible to preserve and communicate the know-how of the company.  Through video, the company fully advertises its products and services.

The use of video offers a remarkable advantage over training expenses.  It requires less resources than traditional methods.  Video training reduces logistics costs as well as training time.

The video also makes it possible to create more educational training courses which thus increase its effectiveness than a simple instruction manual.  A communication tool that can also support the development of your business and meet the expectations of your employees, who are always more connected.

You have just learned a lot of the benefits of video.  You will therefore be able to enjoy these advantages

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